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Monacacy Valley Electric Electrical Contractor Residential Electrical Construction Commercial

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Monacacy Valley Electric Electrical Contractor Residential Electrical Construction Commercial

Owners Jay Wantz, Larry Smith, & Brian Smith
(left to right)

Monacacy Valley Electric, Inc. (MVE, Inc.) was started by Laverne Smith in May of 1979 as a sole proprietorship until it was incorporated in March of 1981. The company was purchased in July of 1984 by Laverne’s sons, Brian and Larry Smith. In December of 1989 Jay Wantz, a former employee, purchased one third of the company stock from Brian and Larry. All three partners are active in the day-to-day operations of MVE, Inc., and also serve on the Board of Directors as well as having active roles as company officers.

The company has enjoyed a long-standing presence and is a local business landmark in Littlestown and the surrounding communities. The business was functionally reorganized in January of 1998, and has been under the direction of Jay as the chief administrator, while Brian serves in field operations and Larry with project management.

There has been a long-standing satisfactory relationship with suppliers, banks, employees, and the community as a whole. This is accomplished by providing quality service while ensuring overall value and quality for all our customers. We are a service business and our customers always come first.

Mission Statement

The employees of MVE, Inc. strive to maintain a high level of service along with quality products while adhering to the ethical standards far above that of any competitor.


  • To provide outstanding electrical contracting service to our general contractor base while maintaining outstanding quality, safety and competent employees.
  • To maintain profitability in all areas of operations and to continue our unequaled reputation for quality and prompt on-time project completion service.
  • To pursue growth of our customer base and to maximize any and all business opportunities under a well-planned and well-controlled environment.


  • Knowledgeable, Skilled and Versatile workforce
  • Longevity/Reputation
  • Proven Ability
  • Solid General Contractor Relationships
  • Bank and Financial Partner Relationships
  • Supplier and Vendor Relationships
  • Expansive Facilities, Equipment and Warehousing
  • Specialize in Difficult Major Installations such as water treatment facilities, wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, high voltage installations, stadium lighting, parking lot lights and more.
  • Electrical Apprentice Continuing Education Program
  • Employee Safety: Substance Abuse Policy
  • Government Installations
  • Department of Defense Contracts

Sales and Market Direction

  • Aggressively market specialty niches like waste water treatment facilities and plants, pump stations, government contracts, fire protection, telecommunications, and high voltage installations.
  • Expand area contractor business + 10%
  • Increase workforce classification levels in order to expand market business relationships.

Company Officers

MVE, Inc., a Maryland corporation, has a slate of officers made up of the company ownership*.

  • Jay A. Wantz*, President
  • Brian H. Smith*, Vice President/Treasurer
  • Larry W. Smith*, Vice President/Assistant Secretary

Company Management

Monacacy Valley Electric Electrical Contractor Residential Electrical Construction Commercial

Jay A. Wantz, President

Jay's functions include the day-to-day operations of the company while also being responsible for establishing and enforcing the company policies and procedures. He oversees the marketing, operational and administrative functions in order to produce an acceptable profit level for the company.

Jay was born and raised in Littlestown. He graduated from Littlestown High School in 1974 and then attended York College of Pennsylvania and Mansfield University, taking business and law enforcement curriculum. In 1976 he took a position, with Maitland Brothers Company of Littlestown, to work in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,as a construction operator. It was at that time he was introduced to the electrical field and was promoted to manage and complete the electrical construction projects. He began working for Monacacy Valley Electric in September 1979 as a foreman, and became project manager in 1984. Subsequently he bought into the business as an equal partner and now serves as the president.

Monacacy Valley Electric Electrical Contractor Residential Electrical Construction Commercial

Brian H. Smith, Vice President

Brian’s responsibilities include all field operations for MVE, Inc. involving numerous government agencies for the business.

After graduating from high school Brian started his career in the electrical contracting business. He enlisted in the United States Army and worked as a Pershing Missile crewman until his honorable discharge in 1976. He worked as an electrical contractor until June of 1978 when he joined MVE, Inc. as a job foreman, a position he held until 1984, when he partnered with his brother to buy-out the company from his father. After a brief ownership conversion period, Brian assumed the responsibility of job estimating for the company and later moved into field operations. Brian is a Licensed Master Electrician in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Monacacy Valley Electric Electrical Contractor Residential Electrical Construction Commercial

Larry W. Smith, Vice President

Larry's responsibilities include project management for MVE, Inc. and the coordination and installation to specifications of all electrical contracts within predetermined budget guidelines and specifications. The position is responsible for all field operations and any support functions.

Larry holds an Associate of Arts degree in Forest Technology from Allegany Community College and has completed two semesters in basic electricity from Frederick Community College. Larry joined MVE, Inc. as a field helper until being promoted to foreman in 1982. In 1983 Larry was promoted to field supervisor, a position he held until he and his brother bought out the business from their father. Larry is a Licensed Master Electrician in Maryland and West Virginia.

Office Staff

Monacacy Valley Electric Electrical Contractor Residential Electrical Construction Commercial

John Stem

John Stem, Senior Estimator

John has been with MVE, Inc. since 1983. He started in the role of Helper and worked his way to being a Foreman. John became an Estimator and Project Manager and currently is the Senior Estimator in the corporate office.

Dave Myers, Estimator

Dave started his career in the electrical business, as a helper, in 1998. Dave has been with MVE, Inc. since 2002. Dave started his career, at MVE, as a journeyman and was promoted to foreman. He is currently an estimator in the corporate office and is licensed in the state of Maryland.

Brian Storey, Project Manager

Brian has been with MVE, Inc. since 2001. As a Licensed Master Electrician, with 20 years of experience, Brian started his career at MVE as a Foreman. Brian is currently a project manager in the corporate office.

Sandy Lane, Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Sandy has over 34 years of experience in the construction/property management industry. She applies her knowledge daily in the management of accounting, human resources, and project documentation. She has been with MVE since 2007.

Sheila Parham-Scott, Accounts Payable Specialist/Administrative Assistant

Sheila brings to Monacacy Valley Electric, Inc. her many years of experience working in the financial sector. She has been with MVE since 2007.